Caryopteris – Georama’s Plant of the Week

October 5, 2014 Case News

Common Names: Bluebeard, Blue Mist Shrub
Botanical Name: Caryopteris x clandonesis
A favorite of many gardeners, the Blue Mist Shrub is truly a mini marvel. With intense true blue Caryopterisflowers in July and August, its bright silvery/grey foliage forms a bushy mound, with a strong lavender fragrance. It is a woody shrub that needs to be cut down to the ground in late fall, just as if it were an herbaceous perennial. It is extremely drought tolerant and is virtually maintenance free! And every bumble bee and butterfly in town will find it when they start to bloom. Their small size and soft grey foliage make them a good choice in any size garden. The blue flowers mix well with either pastels and whites or vibrant yellows. Since they bloom later in summer, Caryopteris make nice companions to Rudbeckia and Goldenrod. Although they prefer a well drained, sunny spot in garden they can tolerate a more moist soil and even a bit of shade. They are also excellent in tubs or mixed containers. Once established they will not require any supplemental watering. They are not heavy feeders so a bit of compost at planting time should be all the nutrients they need! Cut them back in late fall or early spring to about 6 inches, sit back, relax and watch them grow!

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