Pyracantha – Georama Growers plant of the Week

August 26, 2014 Case News

Georama Growers Plant of the Week – August 22
Common Name: Firethorn
Botanical Name: Pyracantha coccinea

Firethorn is a large evergreen shrub that is known for its spectacular fall and winter display of scarlet or orange berries. It typically shoots out stems in all directions and left to its own devices grows into a tangled mound up to 3 meters in height! With a bit of training Pyracantha is often used as an espalier and held flat against a wall or fence, it can be shaped quite creatively. Because of its fast growth rate, spreading habit, and ease of care, it can also be used to cover unwanted slopes with ease. Due to its fast rate of growth and ability to withstand drought and neglect it is used extensively in commercial landscapes. The prolific white flowers come out in the early spring and have some fragrance, but it truly is the berries that are the source of its beauty. Birds love the plump, colourful berries and the brilliant berry laden branches of the Pyracantha hold up extremely well in cut arrangements and wreaths. They are not particular about the soil type and really need little or no additional fertilization after planting. Plant in full sun, but these tough plants will adapt to partial or even fairly heavy shade. Pyracantha berries are not poisonous as many people think although they can be quite bitter; in fact they are edible and can be made into a great tasting jelly! For a good recipe go to


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