Scarlett Jewel – Georama Growers Plant of the Week

September 26, 2013 Case Uncategorized

Common Name:      Scarlett Jewel Maple

Botanical Name:      Acer rubrum

Scarlett JewelContinuing on with our fall colour guide, I would like to introduce to you a gorgeous fall colouring, red Maple called Scarlett Jewel. In this part of BC, autumn is a time to witness and celebrate nature’s transformation into a mesmerizing colour scheme – Scarlett Jewel turns an absolutely wonderful shade of crimson. Its upright habit, consistent fall colour and its resistance to frost cracking makes it one of my favorite new Maple tree introductions. Developed in Northern Minnesota by Bailey Nurseries, it starts its fall colour display a full two weeks earlier than other Acer rubrum varieties! and its brilliant show of red flowers in spring add to its year round interest. Like most Acer rubrums Scarlett Jewel prefers a moist, slightly acidic soil and full sun. It is a great shade tree and will grow in a symmetrical form up to about 20 meters – so give it enough room to grow. If you love the colours of autumn as much as I do, I think you will fall in love with Scarlett Jewel and find a place for it in your Kootenay landscape!

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