Burning Bush – Georama Growers Plant of the Week

September 6, 2013 Case News

Common Name:      Winged Burning Bush

Botanical Name:       Euonymus alatus


Burning BushAs we approach the end of summer weather and look forward (some of us anyway) to fall in the Kootenays, we anticipate the changing of the colours in our landscapes. Most of our native deciduous trees and shrubs in the West Kootenays turn shades of yellow with perhaps a touch of orange. For those that have moved here from eastern Canada, the bright red colours seem to be missing, so what to do? Well, let’s plant some great trees and shrubs! Over the next few weeks I will introduce some fantastic fall colour, shrubs and trees that are perfectly at home here in the Kootenays. The Burning Bush is a familiar shrub to most gardeners, with a dense, rounded shape. Easily transplanted and tolerant of many growing conditions, it will grow in full sun or light shade to about 8’. Newer cultivars have been developed for smaller landscapes and will remain more dwarf and compact while retaining or even improving upon the intense fall colour. Of course the most outstanding feature of the Burning Bush is it’s excellent flame-red fall coloration,  the intense red colour starts to show in Mid September and is fairly long lasting – depending on the weather, colder, dry weather seems to be what it likes best.

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