Japanese Barberry – Georama Growers Plant of the Week

July 16, 2013 Case News

Common Names:      Japanese Barberry

Botanical Names:      Berberis thunbergii

japanese_BarberryOnly recently introduced to our area, the colourful and exotic looking Japanese barberries are among the few plants suited to dry, shady areas of the garden. Most cultivars are compact and self contained, with spinney stems that are both deer resistant and which can form a formidable barrier to other unwanted trespassers! As a group they are able to grow in both dry and moist conditions, but being very drought tolerant they make an ideal choice for xeriscaping or the moisture- conserving landscape.  The variety ‘Rose Glow’ – when allowed to grow into its natural shape has beautiful arching branches. The deep rose-red foliage is mottled with white and green in the spring, and forms bright red berries in the fall and winter. Other red leaved varieties include “Cherry Bomb’, ‘Ruby Carousel’ and ‘Royal Burgundy’. If you prefer there is a nice yellow leaved variety that is very dwarf – “Sunsation’ is one of my favorites and is doing great in a small ceramic pot by the front door.  The Nelson Fire Dept. is encouraging homeowners to plant ‘Fire Smart’, so if you are looking for foundation plants that are suitable for ‘Firescaping’ look no further than these unique shrubs.

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